Intercept - Tortoise - Amber

Intercept - Tortoise - Amber Intercept - Tortoise - Amber Intercept - Tortoise - Amber
Price: 69.99


The INTERCEPT is a classic retro frame that is ergonomically balanced. With beautiful polished logos on the temples and firmly anchored hinges. This is the perfect partner for your e-games or office computer work. 


SPECS:  lens width: 58 mm | nose: 17 mm | frame width: 135 mm | temple: 135 mm | weight: 33 grams (without packaging)


Additional Information

Lens Information

Blue Light Protection Factor™ (BLPF)

Just how Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures protection for the skin, the BLPF scale measures lens protection for the eye. The higher the number, the better.

Clear BLPF 35 Amber BLPF 65 Sun BLPF 90 Amber Max BLPF 98
For discreet protection without the amber tint For optimal protection and performance For protection from digital screens in sunlit environments Max protection for those who are highly sensitive or working at night

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