Gunnar Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Gaming Glasses

GUNNAR gaming glasses have been specially designed for the gamer. They come with lens material that has specifically tuned focusing power providing you with sharper, clearer vision. This patented lens technology aids natural focusing and reduces stress and strain on your eyes. Less eye strain reduces digital fatigue and issues associated with prolonged computer use. GUNNAR computer glasses have a standard +0.2 diopter that ensures sharper vision and allows the eyes not to strain and stress when looking at close computer distances for extended periods of time. Several models also come with Natural Focus (diopter of 0).

GUNNAR gaming glasses come with Blue Light Protection Factor™ (BLPF). Just how Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures protection for the skin, the BLPF scale measures lens protection for the eye. The higher the number, the better. Read more about GUNNAR BLPF-options here.

Computer glasses can help reduce the symptoms of digital eye strain caused by prolonged use of screens, which can in turn improve overall comfort and potentially increase the amount of time you can spend gaming. They can also help reduce glare, which can make it easier to see the screen and potentially improve your gaming experience.

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GUNNAR - CRUZ KIDS 4-8 YEARS - Gaming/Computer Glasses - Magenta - Clear Natural
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