Prescription Computer Eyewear

<p>Regular prescription glasses are designed for variable-viewing, primarily for seeing things at a distance. Using glasses designed for distance at the desk can cause eye-strain as your eye-muscles need to work extra hard for near-focus tasks. That&rsquo;s why GUNNAR offers prescription lenses designed specifically for computer use. The GUNNAR solution combines the&nbsp;<a href="">amazing blue light blocking technology</a> with top of the line lens technology to make your viewing experience at the desk comfortable, healthy, and absolutely stunning. Choose from multiple lens tints and prescription types.</p> <p>GUNNAR prescription computer eyewear come with Blue Light Protection Factor&trade; (BLPF). Just how Sun Protection Factor (SPF) measures protection for the skin, the BLPF scale measures lens protection for the eye. The higher the number, the better.&nbsp;Read more about GUNNAR BLPF-options&nbsp;<a href="">here</a>.</p>

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GUNNAR - CRUZ KIDS 4-8 YEARS - Gaming/Computer Glasses - Magenta - Clear Natural
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