Loki God of Mischief Collector's Edition

The ultimate Marvel collaboration worthy of a trickster god, GUNNAR and Marvel have crafted the culmination of Loki style.


Available On 23-08-2023
At 9:00h

*one per person

Constructed with high quality
Italian acetate frame
material by Asgardian craftsmen
in the U.S.A.

Only 100 serializedglasses made

Each pair individually numbered

Patented GUNNAR lenses
with Loki etched
in Asgardian runes


Includes one custom-made
collector's box,
glasses case,
microfiber cloth and pouch

Loki: God of Mischief

Collector's Edition Glasses

MSRP €333  


(C) 2023 Marvel

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GUNNAR - CRUZ KIDS 4-8 YEARS - Gaming/Computer Glasses - Magenta - Clear Natural
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